• Image of Cuntroaches - 2nd EP TAPE

2nd EP by Berlins meanest noise rock unit, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

"Maximum chaos and total insanity...but mesmerizing in a black hole psychedelic way that is beyond words. I simply do not understand how this music exists and how it can be so good..." (Maximum Rock'n'Roll, July 2017)

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDuyQdjUKrU

1. Intro 00:44
2. Fraud 02:17
3. Short Fuse 03:47
4. Pig Woman 03:15
5. Shit Show 03:12
6. Roadtrip 03:37

Recorded and mixed by Suckles in Berlin 2017
Mastered by Mammoth Sound in California 2017
Artwork by Claire

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