Pre-Order for the upcoming MAGGOT HEART album "DUSK TO DUSK". Ships approx. early August!

Black vinyl, matte varnish cover, double-sided printed innersleeve.

For this pre-order, there will be a limited edition of 100 copies that come with a black and white A5 zine including lyrics, illustrations, demotivational slurs and artworks from Maggot Heart, Teratology and other artists!


„Dusk to Dusk“ is the sound of a comedown in the blue light of the dawn. Darker, monolithic and slightly melancholic, its nine songs move through pictures of isolation in altered states - we get presented with a highly dynamic spectrum of saturnine moods that builds the fundament for snarling, rusty guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on neither a Killing Joke nor a Stooges record. They steadily mingle and fight with a powerful rhythm section that is at times reminiscent of the maddening stomp that put noise rock heroes like The Jesus Lizard or The Birthday Party in the pantheon of rock music. „Dusk To Dusk“ is an album well informed by what has happened in music since the late seventies, yet never relying on past achievements. This is a highly personal „alchemical blitz“, that through unorthodox instrumentation and intense lyricism highlights a certain kind of savagery in rock and roll that seems to have gone missing in the retro-craze of the 2010s.